CBD for Pets FAQ

Our CBD for Pets FAQ answers all of your CBD pet related questions. CBD not only works for dogs and cats. CBD works for all kinds of pets, even fish! CBD is even used to treat farm animals.

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Will my dog get high from CBD? Can I get my cat stoned from CBD?

No. CBD does not contain THC (or very low trace amounts), not enough to have any effect. THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that is associated with feeling high or stoned.

Is CBD oil the same as CBD oil for pets?

CBD products for animals and pets are food-grade and safe for human consumption, but the products are formulated specifically for animals and more specifically for pets.

Can my dog overdose on CBD oil? Can my cat overdose on CBD oil? Can my animal overdose on CBD oil?

No. Humans and animals cannot overdose on CBD. It is best to start with a smaller dose of CBD and increase the dose until you see an effect.

As with any substance, you can take too much, but the consequences are not lethal. At worst taking too much CBD will cause sleepiness, or possible diarrhea.

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