CBD Skin Care FAQ

This page contains a comprehensive CBD Skin Care FAQ. CBD is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in beauty right now. And it’s not just for hippies, either. A variety of beauty brands are using CBD to enhance their offerings.

Can I use CBD to treat my acne?

CBD oil and topicals have been proven to help in the treatment of acne.

CBD fights bacteria on the skin and in the pores, reducing inflammation and redness of the affected areas. Furthermore, CBD has shown to inhibit the production of sebum, a naturally produced oil that clogs pores and produces blemishes.

CBD further helps to optimise your body’s natural Omega ratio, soothe the skin and provide calming relief from unpleasant flare ups, allergies and irritations.

Can I use CBD oil to reduce wrinkles?

Yes, because CBD’s is packed full of antioxidants and has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also balances your skin’s oil production rate while helping to maintain the elasticity of your skin.

Is CBD skincare products safe for all types of skin?

CBD is packed full of antioxidants, so CBD acts much the same as fresh fruit and vegetables on the body. For this reason, CBD is very safe to use. As with any new product, test with a little bit of the product on a small potion of skin. Give the product enough time to show any interaction with your skin. If any redness or irritation of the skin occurs, discontinue using the product.

Does CBD help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema?

Yes. Conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema can be soothed and healed with CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD further fights bacteria on the skin, while reducing inflammation and redness. CBD helps to optimise your body’s natural Omega ratio, soothing the skin and providing calming relief from unpleasant flare ups, allergies and irritations.

What method of consuming CBD is best to treat different skin conditions?

CBD can be consumed orally in the form of drops, capsules or edibles to promote the healing of eczema internally, and reduce the levels of anxiety and stress that trigger it.

Alternatively, topical products like cream or ointment can be applied on the skin for a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect.

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