Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) FAQ

Find all of the answers to your questions regarding full extract cannabis oil (FECO), which is used in our products.

What makes our CBD oil and CBD products different?

No chemicals, alcohol or ethanol are used in the CBD extraction method of our products, so we are able to keep our products affordable. Additional chemicals both push up the price, and make for a toxic end product.

Are our products 100% safe, non-toxic, organic and cruelty free?

Absolutely yes. Our products are 100% safe, non-toxic, organic and cruelty free. They contain plant matter and organic coconut oil only.

We believe our products should be as close to what mother nature intended. Nothing is removed or over processed. Everything which was in the plant, is now in the oil.

What extraction method/process do we use?

We use heat and agitation as extraction method by placing the raw plant matter into a botanical extractor with organic coconut oil and a natural binding agent.

Are all of our oils Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)?

Yes. All of our oils are full extraction cannabis oils, which mean our oils contain all of the cannabinoids your body needs, in the highest quantities and strength.

Are our full extract cannabis oil (FECO) the same as the hemp or CBD oil in the retail shops?

Our full extract cannabis oil (FECO) is superior to other CBD products. Many oils on the market contain very little goodness and no THC (absolutely essential for healing). Other oils are also commonly over-processed or remain too long on the shelf.

Hemp and plain CBD oils are most certainly not the same as full extract cannabis oil (FECO). All of our products contain the full range of healing benefits of the amazing cannabis plant.

Are all of our products certified and legal?

Yes. Our manufacturing and distribution business, and those of any suppliers, operate completely within the parameters of the law. Our CBD oil producer is fully certified and accredited. Our CBD oil is regularly lab tested to ensure the highest quality and purity.

How often do we update our website?

We update our website with new Blog posts quite often. Check back regularly for new post regarding treatment options, product information and general CBD news.

Do we have social media pages to follow for more exciting updates and news?

Yes we do. Please visit and like us on our Facebook page. We also tweet a bit on our Twitter page.