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You can order the purest and freshest CBD oil and other CBD products directly from our website. The groen! Order CBD Online FAQ contains all of the information you need before, during and after placing an order on our website.

Use the Contact Us page to send us any questions you may have. We have an experienced CBD guru standing by to answer all your questions.

Do you ship to anywhere in South Africa?

We deliver to all major centers and immediate and outlying areas within the borders of South Africa. If you stay in a really remote area, expect an additional delay of a day or two.

How will my product arrive? Do you offer discreet shipping and packaging?

All orders are carefully prepared and packed to ensure products arrive secure and undamaged. All packages arrive in standard courier delivery bags, so your neighbors or co-workers will not be able to see the contents of your delivery.

Do you offer international delivery? Do you accept international payments?

Unfortunately we do not service locations outside the borders of South Africa at this stage. As legislation changes and we grow this may change in the future.

Do you offer NO-CONTACT DELIVERY options during lockdown?

All of our products and packages are sanitised before being handed to the shipping agent. The delivery will be performed as a NO-CONTACT DELIVERY during lockdown, meaning there will be minimal interaction between you and the delivery agent. All packages are sanitised multiple times by the delivery company during various stages of the shipping and handling process.

What payment currencies do you support?

groen! currently trades exclusively in South Africa and can only accept South African Rand (ZAR) payments.

Can I track my order? Will I be able to track my order?

You will receive a payment confirmation email once we have received your order and confirmed your payment. The email will contain your tracking number, and a link where you can track your order online.

Where can I view my account and order details?

Visit the below link to view your account and order details.
View Your Account Details
View Your Past Orders

My package and product arrived damaged, what do I do now?

Please use the Contact Us form to report the issue to us within 48 hours of receiving the damaged product. Please retain your original product and shipping packaging. We will contact you on the details provided.

Do you regularly update your social media pages with new information?

Yes. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates, or visit and like our Facebook page where we regularly host competitions and give-aways.

Can I see what your website status is before I make a purchase?

Yes. We host an external website status page that is publicly accessible. Visit the below link to view the groen! Website Status Page:
groen! Website Status Page

Do you have a privacy policy that protects my personal and payment data on your website and server?

Our full Privacy Policy is available at the below link:
groen! Natural Health and Beauty Solutions Privacy Policy

Where can I see your website Terms of Service page?

The full Terms of Service for this website is available below:
groen! Natural Health and Beauty Solutions Website Terms of Service

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