Full Extract Cannabis Oil for Pets (50ml – FECO Full Spectrum CBD oil for Pets)


50ml Full Extract Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (FECO) CBD Oil for Pets (50ml)


Full extract and full spectrum Cannabis Indica (CBD, THC and CBG), MCT Oil and Soy Lethicin (natural binding agent).

This product is all organic and all natural. This product does not contain:

  • NO toxins
  • NO chemicals
  • NO alcohol
  • NO artificial preservatives



50ml Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO Full Spectrum CBD oil) for Pets


Full extract and full spectrum Cannabis Indica (CBD, THC and CBG), MCT Oil and Soy Lethicin (natural binding agent).

This product is all organic and all natural. This product does not contain:

  • NO toxins
  • NO chemicals
  • NO alcohol
  • NO artificial preservatives


Usual dosage range: 0.5ml to 3ml per day.

Always start with a small dose and wait at least 2 hours to see what effect the dose had on the animal. Increase the dose by small amounts only until the desired dosage had been established.

The daily dose can be broken up into smaller doses and administered through the day, or as one daily dose only (e.g. animals that have trouble sleeping should be treated at night before bedtime for the best result).

Adjust the dosage for your pet or other animal based on their need and reaction to the treatment. If your pet is experiencing elevated anxiety or stress, for example during dreaded New Year’s fireworks celebrations, administer an additional dose. If your animal is relaxed and coping well with his/her environment, the dosage can be temporarily decreased.

One-time dosing can also be administered to pets and animals experiencing temporary stress or anxiety from their environment.

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Tips for Giving CBD Oil to Your Pet

Some animals enjoy the taste of full extract cannabis oil (FECO CBD oil) and no tricks or foolery are needed to administer a dose. The groen! family dogs all love the taste of coconut oil and cannot wait to get their evening dose of CBD oil. But before we even get to the how-to’s, remember these important tips for beginners that will safe you a lot of time, money and frustration.

You do not want your pet to associate CBD oil with fear, anger or any other negative emotion or action

The way you give CBD oil to your pet the first time will matter a lot. If you are too assertive administering the oil the first time, you will scar your pet. They will associate that negative reaction and emotions with the CBD oil the next time when you try and administer the CBD oil.

Only use very small amounts in the beginning to limit wastage

When you give your pet CBD oil for the first time, or switch brands, your pet may reject your kind offer of healing CBD oil. This usually results in the dose being spilled or smeared into the pet’s fur, and thus wasted. By starting with very small amounts you ensure there are no hurt feelings if the CBD oil ends up on the floor.

Do not get stuck with the “correct” way of dosing

Sure there are preferred ways to administer CBD oil, but the truth is: as long as it gets into your pet, it will have a healing and calming effect. Some animals are more picky eaters than others, for example cats are notoriously picky and difficult to please. Your pet may be experiencing difficulty eating because of illness or gut health problems.

Ways to Give CBD Oil to Your Pet

Be mindful of your environment the first time that you try and dose your pet with CBD oil – choose a calm and quiet spot in the house that is away from distractions like other people.

Direct Feeding

Direct feeding should always be your first choice when administering CBD oil to your pet. This is the simplest of all the options available.

Start by taking a very small amount of CBD oil in the provided dropper and hold the dropper close to your pet’s nose. Animals are naturally inquisitive and will investigate the dropper by first smelling, then tasting the dropper. The animal will get a taste of the CBD oil and either accept or reject the CBD oil in the dropper. If the animal continues to lick the dropper you can administer a whole dose this way.

Be cautious though as some pets, especially very active dogs, may get over-excited when they first taste the CBD oil. You will need to judge if the animal will always show this reaction, or if the animal will remain calmer during future dosing sessions.

All hope is not lost if your pet does not eat directly from the dropper. Take a small plate or bowl and drop a little CBD oil into the bowl or onto the plate and present this to your pet. If your pet is used to eating from their bowl while it on the ground, ensure to follow the same process here. Your pet will associate the bowl with his/her usual food. The smell of previous food in the bowl will also help persuade your pet to give the CBD oil a try. Remember to ensure you do this in a calm environment away from toys, people and other distractions.

Add CBD Over Your Pet’s Food

If direct feeding does not work, simply add the CBD oil over your pet’s food. Ensure you serve a small portion of food so that your pet eats everything that was served, and thus gets the full dose of CBD. You can serve the rest of your pet’s usual portion of food after.

Always ensure that your pet has ample fresh and clean drinking water. Allow your pet to drink freely after administering CBD.

Do not put CBD oil warm or hot food. Heating the CBD oil too much may negatively impact the integrity of the CBD and other compounds present in the full extract and full spectrum cannabis oil. Most animals also have mouths that are very sensitive to heat and they can very easily burn while eating too hot food – remember your pet cannot “blow” on his/her own food to cool it down before biting and chewing.

CBD oil can be poured over dry food if that is what your dog eats normally. Remember to serve a small portion of dry food with the CBD oil at first to ensure that your pet eats the whole portion, thus ensuring the whole CBD dose is consumed.

Add CBD Oil To/Over Your Pet’s Favourite Treat

Simply drop the desired dose onto your pet’s favourite treat. Larger doses may require that you break the treat into smaller pieces, which creates a larger surface area for the CBD oil to adhere to the treat.

After giving the treat (or after giving each piece of the broken-up treat) to your pet, ensure that they consume the whole treat. If they do not eat the whole treat, they are not consuming the whole dose of CBD.

For Cats Only – Put CBD Oil On Your Cat’s Paws

This can be very messy and wasteful for obvious reasons, but it may work as a last resort. It may be a good idea to try this in a closed bathroom or while your cat is crated to minimise the mess.

Put a very small amount of CBD oil on your cat’s paw. There is a good chance that your cat will start to clean it’s paw by licking off and thus consuming the CBD oil. There is obviously a chance that your cat may run off and leave CBD oil everywhere.

Always be mindful when administering CBD oil to not be too assertive. Your cat will not trust you to put CBD oil on his/her paw again if the previous experience was stressful.

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