groen! CBD Oil Pets Range

We at groen! are very proud owners of two beautiful and very busy doggie children. Our eldest is a little skittish and is specially nervous when the wind picks up…which is quite often in the Klein-Karoo.

When things get tough, Green Cat Organic CBD Oil for Pets really helps her calm down. She is then much more able to cope with loud noises and even manages to go outside (which she simply refuses to do when the wind does pick up).

Ticks and fleas are also very common in our area. Even after just a few drops of rain we have to keep an eye out. Obviously we do not want our dogs to get bitten and risk illness, but they also tend to share our bed and other furniture, and spend a great deal in other carpeted parts of the house.

We use completely natural and organic Green Cat Tick and Flea Spray on a regular basis on both our long and short haired dogs. None of the ingredients are toxic to humans or dogs, so this is safe for children, even directly after spraying on your dogs.

Click here to see our all natural and organic CBD Pets Range. All of our products contain only the best and purest ingredients. For easy reference the complete pricelist for all pet products is included below.

groen! CBD Pets Range Price List