What makes our pure FECO CBD oil different?

What makes our pure FECO CBD oil different? Why are our oils superior to other CBD oils and CBD products on the market? Simply put – our products only contain Full Extract Cannabis Oil, ensuring they contain all the goodness Mother Nature intended. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

What makes our full extract CBD oils different

Let’s start with the cannabis oil that is used in all of our products. Our supplier uses only Full Extract Cannabis Oil (pure FECO CBD oil) in all of our products. Fancy name, right? What does it really mean though? When our products are made, the CBD is not extracted from the plant using harsh chemical processes that damages the healing compounds found naturally in the plant.

Our products contain only plant matter and MCT (see my blog post regarding MCT vs Coconut Oil). Our manufacturer’s protocol is to leave the product as close to what mother nature intended. Nothing is removed, nothing is over-processed. Everything which was in the plant is now in the oil. The extraction method uses only heat and agitation by placing the raw plant matter into a botanical extractor with MCT and a natural binding agent.

Safety and Purity

Our products are 100% safe, non-toxic, all natural and organic, vegan-friendly and cruelty free. They contain only plant matter and MCT oil. We do not add anything or remove anything from the plants that go into our oils.

Strength and Effectiveness

All of our oils are full extract cannabis oil, which mean our oils contain all of the cannabinoids your system needs, in the right quantities and strength.

We have hundreds of happy human and animal customers using our products to successfully treat a wide range of ailments, injuries and illness. Many oils on the market contain very little goodness, no THC (absolutely essential for healing) and are over-processed or damaged by harsh chemicals. Hemp and plain CBD oil are most certainly not the same as full extract cannabis oil. Make sure that you are buying the right product for it’s full range of healing benefits.


Our suppliers and manufacturers use no chemicals, alcohols or ethanols in the extraction method, so we are able to keep our products affordable and within reach of all. Added chemicals and toxins not only make for a toxic end product, but also pushes up the price. Keeping our product affordable, accessible and effective remains our first priority.

Legal and Accredited

Our supplier and manufacturer is one of the few companies currently operating within the parameters of the law and are fully certified and accredited. Our oil is lab tested regularly to ensure quality and 100% safe products.


We offer 100 % safe, chemical and toxin free, all natural and organic, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products. Our products are used by many happy human and animal customers to bring relief of a wide range of ailments, injuries and illness.

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